Here you can find rides offered or sought after by various people.
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Ride offers

Direction Country / route Going by Offered by Contact
to and from RevisionBremen <-> Saarbrückencarhalcy^SVatG Mail
to RevisionCologne <-> Saarbrückencartubo^bph Mail
to and from RevisionHanover <-> Saarbrückencargencha^titan Mail
to and from RevisionStuttgart <-> Revisioncardossi Mail
to RevisionGraz > Munich > SaarbrückencarLiqube Mail
to and from RevisionNetherlands (Breukelen & Tilburg) <-> Saarbruckenbus/minibusChibi^Poo-brain Mail
to RevisionCologne<->Saarbrückenbus/minibusxxx^hjb Mail
to and from RevisionLuxembourg city <-> SaarbrückencarRPg Mail
from RevisionSaarbrücken - Heidelbergcarjdb78 Mail

Ride requests

Direction Country / route Going by Requested by Contact
to and from RevisionPreferably through Leuven or sthany mode of transportationPoroCYon/K2 Mail
to and from RevisionHelsinki<->Revisionany mode of transportationPython1320 Mail
to and from RevisionKöln-Godorf <-> Saarbrückenany mode of transportationbit Mail

Ride registration