Here's this year's timetable. Please be aware that organizing a demoparty isn't an exact science so there might be changes.

All times are in CEST (UTC+2).


12:00 Event Doors Open
14:00 Event Opening Round Shader Showdown 2019 (seminar area)
15:30 Event 2020 Shader Showdown Qualification Semifinals (seminar area)
17:00 Seminar Vegan 101 - simple food hacks
18:00 Seminar How to Scene for Beginners
19:00 Event Opening Ceremony
19:30 Event Fast Music Compo Announcement
20:00 Event The Meteoriks
22:00 Event Shader Showdown 2019 Quarterfinals
Seminar The Belgium beer seminar


00:00 2nd Stage The Renowned Superior Acid Connoisseurs
Deadline Oldskool Music
Deadline Tracked Music
Deadline Photo
Deadline Animation/Video
Deadline 256 Byte Intro
10:00 Seminar PT-1210 Workshop
11:00 Event Revision 5k Run
12:00 Event Look behind the scenes: Compoteam
Competition Tracked Music
Deadline Modern Graphics
Deadline Oldskool Demo
Deadline Amiga Intro
Deadline PC 4K Intro
Deadline PC 64K Intro
Deadline Animated GIF
12:30 Event Look behind the scenes: Infoteam
13:00 Event Paintover Compo Announcement
Seminar Successful digitalisation coproduced by digital pioneers, natives and masters!
Event Shader Showdown 2019 Semifinals
14:00 Event Look behind the scenes: Seminars, Recording, Postprocessing
16:00 Event 2020 Shader Showdown Qualification Final
17:00 Event Shader Showdown 2019 Final
17:30 Seminar Hard2632
18:00 Competition ASCII/ANSI/PETSCII
Competition Oldskool Music
Competition Photo
Competition Animation/Video
Competition PC 64K Intro
19:00 Deadline Fast Music
21:00 Event Look behind the scenes: Beamteam
Seminar The Meteoriks Winner Screening
21:30 Concert wayfinder
23:00 Competition Amiga Intro
Competition PC 4K Intro
Competition 256 Byte Intro
Competition Oldskool Demo


00:00 Deadline Wild
Deadline Streaming Music
Deadline Executable Music
Deadline 4K Executable Graphics
Deadline Oldskool Graphics
02:00 2nd Stage Lynn Drumm & lug00ber
06:00 Deadline PC 8K Intro
Deadline Game
Deadline Oldskool 4K Intro
10:00 Seminar Intricacies of sizecoding on Linux
11:00 Event Look behind the scenes: Main-Organizing
Seminar PasVulkan and experiences with the Vulkan API since 2016
11:30 Event Look behind the scenes: Network Team
12:00 Competition Executable Music
Competition Streaming Music
Competition Modern Graphics
Competition Fast Music
Deadline Amiga Demo
13:00 Deadline Paintover
13:30 Event Tour for interested citizens of Saarbrücken
14:00 Deadline PC Demo
14:30 2nd Stage AchenbacH
15:00 Event Look behind the scenes: Beamteam
Seminar Contradictions, contraventions and wtfs related to the GDPR
16:00 Seminar Shader Showdown Seminar Part I
Competition 4K Executable Graphics
Competition Oldskool Graphics
Competition Wild
Competition Animated GIF
Competition Paintover
Competition Game
Competition Oldskool 4K Intro
17:30 Seminar Shader Showdown Seminar Part II
19:00 Seminar British beer seminar
19:45 Event The Nicepixel Awards
20:00 Concert Bombjoe
22:00 Competition PC 8K Intro
Competition Amiga Demo
Competition PC Demo


02:00 2nd Stage Remute
03:00 2nd Stage Deathboy
10:00 Deadline Voting
11:00 Event Prizegiving
13:00 Event Doors Close