Vegan 101 - simple food hacks


Audience: Everybody interested in food

Why in the world would you want to have a food seminar at revision? Moreover, a rather healthy one? We talked about the same thing last year and decided that we were drunk. Nevertheless we came up with the seminar.

So if you actually have interest in simple food hacks and a basic understanding of vegan nutrition, feel free to join us. Drinking beer during the seminar is mandatory, since it's vegan and aside from that ensures that the seminar won't be too healthy.

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How to Scene for Beginners


Introduction to Revision for newcomers. An opportunity to clear up those things you were too afraid to ask. Incl. short presentation about the intranet, entry submission, party information, useful scene resources in general.
Newcomer mentors will introduce themselves and be available for Q&A.

Note that this seminar is not intended to be a full-fledged scene history session.

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The Belgium Beer Seminar


Audience: beer enthusiasts

After introductions, sessions for advanced users, Belgian politics, a walk-through of various monasteries and an explication of the Brussels thing - there's more!  What? you will have to find out.

This is the beer seminar. Those who have been there for earlier editions will know what to expect, those who have not have a new chance.

  • A participation fee of 7.50 Euro is requested for taking part in this seminar, as we have to pay for the beers you will taste
  • There will be an attendance limit of 30 people as we need to keep the tasting manageable
  • Drunk people will not be allowed in
  • Seminar is 18+
  • There will be no toilet breaks, be prepared!

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PT-1210 Workshop


PT-1210 is a piece of Amiga software which turns it into ProTracker based DJ player, much like a Technics deck or a CDJ. Originally created by Hoffman and Akira, it has the kind of features you would expect from any modern DJ equipment as well as some unique ones due to the ProTracker format.

The seminar will briefly cover what it is, what it does and how it was developed and subsequently redeveloped when d0pefish came on board with the team. The rest of the slot will be for you to play with it. A complete setup with two Amiga 1200’s and a DJ mixer will be available for everyone to get their hands dirty. Come and have a mix with us!

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Successful digitalisation coproduced by digital pioneers, natives and masters!


Audience: Creators of digitalisation

Join kudrix in diving into and discussing the omnipresent yet ominous 'digitalisation'.

Which powerful oldschool traits of 'digital pioneers' - aka Generation C64 - assist all those in a digitalisation challenge?

Can they count on 'digital natives' - famous experts in wiping left and right ;-) - and their contemporary traits?

How can all of them collectively ensure future generations become 'digital masters' by default?

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At Deadline 2018 a module for Atari 2600 VCS was released, a dipswitched demo of 32 bytes. This talk gives more details on it.

Additionally a coding contest for this platform is scheduled, details will be released soon.

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Intricacies of sizecoding on Linux

Shiz & PoroCYon

Making small demos on Windows has been well-explored, but the Linux landscape is more diverse and less abundant with knowledge about intro coding and sizecoding in general. This situation will be rectified by providing knowledge about kernel and userland internals and how to abuse them, as well as releasing tools to simplify intro creation and help create smaller binaries.

Topics that will be discussed:

  • A look at the current state-of-the-art of intro coding on Linux
  • Crafting really small ELF files with NASM and GNU ld
  • ELF dynamic linking and and bypassing parts of the GNU dynamic linker in order to be able to craft smaller ELF headers
  • Compressing ELF binaries and the effect on binary size of various  compression algorithms
  • GCC and clang compiler flags to help you strip down your binary size
  • Creating a GL context in as few bytes of code as possible
  • And of course, tools for doing the above!

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PasVulkan and experiences with the Vulkan API since 2016


Audience: Coders, Graphics coder

In this seminar BeRo will roughly introduce PasVulkan in the first step and then he'll share his experience with the Vulkan API. PasVulkan is more than just an ObjectPascal wrapper for the Vulkan API, it is becoming more and more an standalone cross platform game engine with support for Windows, Linux and Android, including a complete Shader-SDF-vector-based GUI engine, 3D audio engine, TrueType/OpenType font rendering engine, OpenVR/SteamVR support, in-progress GLTF 2.0 support, etc. which is all native ObjectPascal code.

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Contradictions, contraventions and WTFs related to the GDPR


If you love to rant about the GDPR, you'll love this one. In this talk, Netpoet sheds light on GDPR-related issues that need clarification, force parties to violate the law, "feel wrong" (but nobody knows what to legally do about it), or simply make no sense whatsoever. Or several of the above.

If you love the GDPR, however, join Netpoet for a savory discussion at the end of which WE ALL STAY CIVIL OKAY?!?

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Shader Showdown Seminar

Flopine & Evvvvil

So you want to be a shader coder? But you still need to learn the basics? Or maybe you're already somewhat familiar with shader coding but could use some expert guidance? Fear not, Revision has you covered! On Sunday afternoon at 16:00, 2018 Shader Showdown finalist Flopine gives a seminar about the basics of shader coding. And at 17:30, Showdown competitor Evvvvil takes over for a 90 minute codejam-style shader session, where visitors are warmly welcomed to ask questions, ask for advice on existing code, or try some of the techniques that Evvvvil is famous for explaining in easily understandable terms.

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British Beer Seminar


Audience: Beer enthusiasts who don't mind trying something different

A talk and tasting about Strong British Dark Beer from the most traditional beer to the most bonkers beer.
Be prepared to taste lots of interesting beer while learning lots of interesting facts from the way the beer is made to the history of the beer and much more.

  • A participation fee of 7.50 Euro is requested for taking part in this seminar, as we have to pay for the beers you will taste
  • There will be an attendance limit of 30 people as we need to keep the tasting manageable
  • Drunk people will not be allowed in
  • Seminar is 18+
  • There will be no toilet breaks, be prepared!

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