Other Competitions

256 Byte Intro

  • Compo Machine: We will use a PC with a quite recent CPU booted to the latest version of FreeDOS using Rufus - this setup will have no audio. As an alternative you can also have your entry run in DOSBox (current version 0.74-2) or then-latest DOSBox-X - You can supply a custom configuration if your entry needs it but do make sure that it also runs on the default configuration. You will be able to select your platform when submitting your entry.
  • Maximum file size: 256 bytes for the executable. All other files in the archive will be deleted before showing the entry in the competition.
  • Maximum showing time: 1 minute.
  • Pressing ESC has to end the intro instantly - entries up to 128 bytes are allowed to break this rule.


  • Allowed platforms: Anything that you can play a game on and is one way or the other available to the general public, but please contact us before the deadline for anything that's not C64, Amiga or PC so we can make the necessary preparations.
  • Maximum showing time: 5 minutes.
  • Game must be playable with whatever "standard" input devices your chosen platform has (so please, try to avoid using self-soldered controllers :))
  • This competition will be recorded. We will announce the recording slot on the bigscreen ahead of time so be around in the main hall with your hardware for recording (if you don't show up and we can hook up the game, one of the organizers will play - consider yourself warned). Be really nice and provide a recording of your game yourself, this will save us from having to record your entry and save some time in our busy schedule (Dreamcast PAL-60 people, we're looking at you...). Unable to provide a recording ? No problem, we'll still take care of it.
  • Even if you provide a recording, you must deliver proof that your entry works on real hardware. (i.e. bring the hardware with you and show the organizers if its something non PC, Amiga, C64).
  • If your game is networked and you want to play it live, contact us before submitting and set up a game server or other players yourself in time. Also take into account that a Raspberry Pi or similar "light" device is not a good game server for the 100+ connections you will get when starting your game server on the bigscreen. Unless you want to see all your hard work crash in all its glory after 10 seconds. You get to keep the magic smoke.


  • Be a video artist, render a 3d animation,or anything that's, well, either an Animation or a Video fits into the competition.
  • Maximum resolution: 1920x1080 pixels (Note: If you choose to use this high resolution, please remember that not all machines are able to play 1920x1080/30Hz videos properly, and 60Hz usually requires a multithreaded codec and a high-end multicore processor. As a rule, best not hand in anything you can't play on your machine).
  • Maximum showing time: 5 minutes.
  • Your entry has to be delivered as AVI/MPG/MP4/Flash file. Allowed video codecs are MPEG1, MPEG2 or MPEG4 (XVid/DivX/H.264 codecs); allowed audio codecs are uncompressed and MP3/AAC audio. If you can't manage to provide your production in one of these supported formats, contact us at the party and we'll try and help.
  • We'll do a quality preselection. Entries that do not make it onto the bigscreen cannot be voted for and will not be spread.


  • Platforms: Anything you can get a demo to run on!
  • No size limit, get the maximum out of your chosen hardware!
  • Maximum showing time: 8 minutes.
  • Submissions must include a digital video of the entry (for formats, please look at the Animation/Video compo rules). If you are unable to record such a file by yourself, please contact us early enough at the party so we can help you.
  • Submissions must also include working binaries for the target platform.
  • (Full) HD entries are allowed, up to and including 1080p
  • You must deliver proof that your entry works on real hardware (i.e. bring the hardware with you and show the organizers).


  • We will use the Sahli viewer on Firefox or Chrome.
    • Short and medium pieces once will be shown from top to bottom, then back up to the top.
    • Full ascii collys will be displayed ONCE from top to bottom.
    • Long vertical ANSI screens will be displayed as "wide strips" at the end, instead of scrolling back upward.
  • You do NOT need to submit any workstages.
  • Animations are not allowed (Submit those to the animation compo! Yes, seriously, that would be awesome.)
  • PETSCII : (Yes we support PETSCII!) PETSCII will be shown in Sahli using Style's C64 Pro Mono font. If we cannot get your PETSCII to display properly we'll use Moqui's png petscii.
  • PC ASCII (Block): Either Cleaner's BlockZone font or one of Viler's px fonts will be used.
  • PC ANSI: Standard font is Cleaner's BlockZone or one of Viler's px fonts in 8x8 (similar to "80x60 mode") or 8x16 ("traditional"). Unless requested otherwise, we will default to 8x16. Maximum size: 80 x 1000.
  • Amiga ASCII: All of DMG's fonts are available. Maximum size: 200x1000.
  • Amiga ANSI: If you are VERY serious about entering an Amiga ANSI, contact the organizers.