Supporter Tickets

You love what we, the Revision organizing team, do with our event? You'd like to support us even more than "just" with your entrance fee, releases and demoscene enthusiasm? Then a donation with our supporter ticket is for you! The supporter ticket is a higher-priced entrance ticket that buys you some nice bonus specials and the good, warm feeling of supporting Revision and the demoscene at its best.

Although an event like Revision receives a lot of financial support by sponsors and of course by all its visitors, it's not easy these days to get the budget ready for an event as big as ours. So, if you or your company can afford it - why not become a hero of the demoscene and support us with your donation? You'll of course receive an invoice for this ticket. In case you want to pay with PayPal, please use our prepaid ticket system

Supporter Tickets

Support Revision and the demoscene by buying yourself one of our supporter tickets!
You will receive the following bonus specials:

  • A special T-Shirt
  • Mentioning during prizegiving ceremony (optionally you can stay anonymous)
  • Mentioning on the website (optionally you can stay anonymous)

If you'd like to support Revision in your companies name you'll receive a written invoice.