What is Revision?

Revision is the world's biggest pure Demoscene event with visitors from more than 30 countries!

Don't know what a Demoparty is? The first time visitor information will give you an idea what to expect. Moreover you should have a look at our newcomer mentoring program. Also don't forget to check out our invitation demo "Destination" by TRBL.

You weren't able to attend Revision 2018? Check last year's releases to see why you should definitely be there this time.

Revision is live!

Revision 2019 is happening right now!

Can't be at the party yourself? Check out our live streams to experience it from home. And maybe join us in Saarbrücken next time?

Competitions & more

Revision features lots of competitions – code for all available platforms, compose music, draw or animate beautiful graphics – there's something for everybody!

Check out the the full list of this year's competitions and rules.

Apart from that, we'll have a lot of seminarsmusic and other events which we'll announce soon! Oh - and a bonfire. Yes you read that right!